Friday, June 26, 2009

until the violence stops...

Shirley told me she went to see The Vagina Monologues last night with her mum and sister.
that got me surfing to see what's been going on in the world of V*. so thanks to her for sparking this...

i found this great video from the V-Day 10 year celebrations at the end of last year:

and then i found this,

MENding Monologues.

a guy in Sedona, Arizona has started a project that is in partnership with V-Day... some of the content is powerful... videos here on youtube (which is how i happened upon it)
the project does two types of show: the touring show, and community shows, where men take part in workshops and write their own monologues. <-- examples on that page.

"Our shows are a healing to men, a love letter to women and call to end violence in all its forms."

violence againt women not only damages women, it damages men. and it silences them. which is what all forms of abuse do. silences. puts the things we don't want to be brought into the light into a closet with the door jammed shut. it makes the truth into a dirty secret no one dare talk about. it creates fear. and in that atmosphere of intimidation, fear and secrets, the abuse goes on.

but i believe men can be just as empowered as women to raise their voice and express their feelings and desire for justice for women, and to heal in the process. MENding Monologues seems to be aiming for just that.

i've been waiting for a long time for somone to take seriously what V-Day is about and find a way to bring men's voices into the conversation. the appropriate response to The Vagina Monologues is not balance things out with The Penis Monologues. it might be entertaining but i think that misses the point. instead, it is to hear the call The Vagina Monologues is making: to end violence by ending silence. that takes courage. but i also know that the process empowers. not with power over, but power for. that power for is what V-Day is all about.
and i'm glad there's an attempt being made to invite men's voices into that experience. i know from my own experience how enriching and empowering it was to take part in The Vagina Monologues. that's an experience i'd want for anyone. and the more voices, the better. this empowers men to share their stories too.

this monologue is a true story courageously told by the man who wrote it. the names have been changed.

and should my dear friends who have suffered and survived rape, assault and abuse ever pass by this page and read this, know i am thinking of you as i write, with as much love, pride and admiration at your survivor's courage as always...

altogether now:

C, C, Ca, Ca, Cavern, Cackle, Clit, Cute, Come...


*remember, V is for Vaginas and Victory Over Violence.

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