Thursday, June 11, 2009

3 signs

look familiar? ikon used detail from one of the lovely todd greene's amazing artworks. click here for more of his work. then covet. and perhaps purchase.


i headed into the city yesterday for a meet-and-greet conversation on behalf of ikon and detoured down to the Dáil a couple of hours after the march of solidarity (report here) to view the ribbons, children's shoes, flowers and placards that had been tied to and placed at the gates. the crowds had dispersed and the barriers folded away...

(molesworth street, dublin)


while in town, i had *intended* to pick up some academic texts that i'm looking to read before i get back to university. somehow i ended up in a comic store instead. oops. i picked up a copy of Persepolis, long overdue, and i now know where and when i can get my mitts on a copy of the collected edition of gaiman's recent Batman 2 parter, whatever happened to the caped crusader? and as if to remind me why i knew when i started reading graphic novels that i'd need to resist compulsive tendencies, it didn't end there...

(click image to enlarge)

and so it is that after several years of persistent-and-rather-shameful-not-getting-around-to-it, i'm finally reading, Watchmen.

it all looks amazing, the story is unputdownable, and this paperback edition feels gorgeous. i wish all books would be printed in this format. it's kind of floppy and the pages have a lovely texture.

the likelihood of me changing out of my sweats today, let alone doing anything remotely productive, is gonna be a challenge. the list of academic books will have to wait...



  1. sweet. i loved persepolis, it is beautiful. also read watchmen very recently and remain blown away by the sheer detail. it is remarkable. and also a really great read. i haven't read any of NG's graphic novels (well, i read coraline as a graphic novel but none of the the ones originally conceived as such). let me know what you recommend! have you read the sandman series?

  2. the detail in watchmen is remarkable.

    i've not read ng's graphic novels either. i read coraline in its original form.
    i had thought about looking into sandman but there is so much of it, i'm not sure i dare begin. nor am i clear even on where to start.

    that reminds me, i'll be returning your copy of ghostworld at ikon.
    i had it in my bag at the last one and forgot. sorry i've had it so long. (slaps wrist) i must get my own copy. it's unbearably good.

  3. i think 'preludes and nocturnes'is where you start with sandman. it is on my wishlist....

    i had totally forgotten about ghostworld. will be nice to read it again :)

    i gather peterson is having his story turned into a graphic novel? totally good idea!