Tuesday, June 16, 2009

and it all rolls round again...

logistical planning for gb09 got firmly underway this morning, at least in my world. jayne and i are fulfilling a mission and roadtripping it this year - taking the ferry from dublin.
to celebrate getting it sorted and booked, she sent me some lovely photos that her dad took at last year's festival on one of our nights in the organic beer tent. it's nice to be reminded that in the midst of a difficult six months, there were some lovely moments and dear people in them.



  1. i love these photos so very much.

    and you, my love, are gorgeous.

  2. stop that. you're making me blush.
    (looks down awkwardly at shuffling feet)


  3. I think our little HFASS group for Greenbelt is up to 8 now. Soooo looking forward to it!