Monday, June 08, 2009

don't play with fire...

unless you're coming to ikon.

this coming sunday:

pyrotheology - "the only church that illuminates is a church that is burning"

as is usual, the june ikon gathering is our last before the summer break (i.e. gb09 prep time) and so, as is also usual, we'll be experimenting on the small scale with the themes we'll be exploring on the big scale at the festival.

if you care to join us in some theological arson, you are invited to bring a short prepared reflection to read to the assembled crowd. make that, *very* short. or you might find yourself burned.

date: sunday 14th june -
doors: 18:00 (i'm guessing) -
place: the black box, cathedral quarter, belfast

further details will be going up shortly on pete's blog, ikon facebook page and ikon announce mailing list. and probably twitter too.


(hat tip to a daily dish reader for the ad)


  1. those details be correct. and i am stealing your words re: getting your fingers burned for the facebook invite, is that ok? xx