Monday, June 15, 2009

"in a turbulant world..."

hard to know what one can say such is the speed of news and developments coming out of the ::green revolution:: in iran - but i think this is twitter perhaps finally finding its true value. and given the power of blogging in iran in recent years, this is perhaps not surprising. reading the tweets out of the raided university dorms has made for sobering reading. it never ceases to amaze and humble me at how couragous humans can be when faced with physical threat.

in other, totally different, news - i'm sorry i haven't a clue returns.
it'll be on radio 4 and the bbc iplayer as of tonight. episode details here. nice.

yesterday's collaborative session with jayne and jonny went well so i now have two weeks to take the ideas and the processes we messed about with back to dublin and create the pieces for the exhibit. but i'm glad i asked for their energy and input. it was something of a masterclass in experimenting with techniques and i'm looking forward to playing with ink and graphite powder, salt and acryclics over the coming days.

last night's ikon was a good step toward greenbelt. i spent much of this morning sorting and typing the notes from the creative discussion we got going. colour me feeling very hopeful at what it could become...

downpour has finally passed over and despite continued rain it's time to get moving. a trip to the art store and chats with The Father and with my gay boyfriend await. and soggy converse i suspect.


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