Saturday, June 06, 2009

more in the human

" Will the world ever learn? ...

The time must come. It's enough -- enough to go to cemeteries, enough to weep for oceans. It's enough. There must come a moment -- a moment of bringing people together.

And therefore we say anyone who comes here should go back with that resolution. Memory must bring people together rather than set them apart. Memories here not to sow anger in our hearts, but on the contrary, a sense of solidarity that all those who need us. What else can we do except invoke that memory so that people everywhere who say the 21st century is a century of new beginnings, filled with promise and infinite hope, and at times profound gratitude to all those who believe in our task, which is to improve the human condition.

A great man, Camus, wrote at the end of his marvelous novel, The Plague:

"After all," he said, "after the tragedy, never the rest...there is more in the human being to celebrate than to denigrate."

Even that can be found as truth -- painful as it is -- in Buchenwald. "

- elie wiesel; buchenwald; june 5, 2009

music: Henyrk Górecki - Symphony No. 3, Op. 36

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