Saturday, June 13, 2009

no thanks

my day started off with some evangelical spam. actually, that's not fair to evangelicals. let's just call it crazy christian. i read it and its related website several times and still can't get my head around the convoluted conspiracy theory-like theology being espoused. the website was foul. i'm not posting a link 'cause it might tempt others to visit the site and i neither want to encourage the individual behind it in their clinical delusion by increasing their hits or spoil anyone's day.
that it was sent to the mailing list of a church for which i care and have a lot of respect meant my first cup of coffee was accompanied by a dose of irkedness.

but it's left me feeling even gladder that i'm heading north to enjoy sane conversation with the girls, have some ikon inspired collaborative creativity with jayne and jonny for my upcoming exhibition slot at common grounds cafe (july) and take part in ikon's pyrotheology experimental gathering at the black box.

colour me sitting on a train engrossed in Watchmen.

if your Jesus ain't for everybody, i ain't interested.


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