Thursday, June 11, 2009

yup. good people...

pete has this analogous thing (for something philosophically useful but i can't remember what it is right now) where he talks about falling in love. it goes something like this:

you can have a list of characteristics, attributes, traits, talents or interests you want in a person and you carry it around looking for someone who'll fit the bill. but that's not what you fall in love with. you fall in the love with the person. that is, the human that is made up of those characteristics, attributes, traits, talents or interests and maybe a whole lot of other stuff besides. maybe you fall in love with someone other than what you thought you wanted or needed, who doesn't match that list you were carrying round at all. when it happens, whether they match that list or not, the list doesn't seem to matter much anymore. you can't fall in love with a list of characteristics. what you love is a whole person.

as i see it, what you love is the ineffable them-ness.

and sometimes i get to wondering if community, or indeed church, is no different...

HFASS keeping it absolutely Real

for as far away as they may be, i'm glad Nadia and her people are there. for they tick many boxes on the list. and then there's the them-ness.

everytime i think i'm done with it all, i am reminded of what matters most...



  1. that is so true and yet so hard to express in words. Them-ness is a good description, and I don't think there is a logical or definable reason behind it, they just 'are', and it just 'is' and that is the beauty of it. Sometimes what matters most can can only be felt.

    for some reason I couldn't get that link to work...

  2. i've fixed it. thanks for letting me know. i used the track back url given. must be a glitch. should be working now.

    here's to the is-ness of things.

  3. Thanks for fixing it :)
    What a wonderful story.. beautiful

    yes...raising a glass to is-ness.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend