Saturday, June 06, 2009


what a difference a week makes...

last saturday it was so warm the blinds had to be shuttered to keep cool. today, woken at around 6.30am by the forecasted heavy rain. not anticipated was the hail that came with it. it's june 6th. and i'm wearing 3 pairs of socks right now as the only place i can pick up wifi, 'til my own broadband gets connected next week, is at my desk with the window open. so this is how we get to be so many shades of green: a rainy 48degrees in june.

this week has filled with much crafts, reframing and hanging artwork, altering and mending clothes. which for the most part has been calm and quiet.


the end of a week comes and i'm not surprised to see i wasn't the only one who thought the collection of it's so personal testimonies on abortion would make a powerful and worthwhile book. i admire sullivan for his openness to share his own changing perspective in light of these stories, and the acknowledgement that he, "needs time to think and rethink".

in ikon we have often talked about how the law is always trying to keep up with justice. for every rule...
we all hold postions in the abstract until such time as we either experience the reality or we open ourselves up to hearing the stories of those who have lived the reality.
i have changed this week as i too have been thinking and rethinking. these stories shook me to the core. i have found myself standing at the kitchen sink mopping dishes and suddenly weeping. but i don't regret reading them, or allowing them to help change me.

if g-d is compassion, that which or whom suffers with, then g-d is everywhere in these stories. i have prayed many times this week, wondering where it might take me to.

maybe the apostle paul was onto something when he wrote,
so no matter who you are, if you pass judgement you have no excuse. it is yourself you condemn when you judge others, since you behave in the same way as those you are condemning.

- romans 2, v.1


20 years on from Tiananman Square, i am reminded that the names of the majority of those who stand for peace will not be in history books...


bricks healing bricks. i love this.


the photo was put through tiltshiftmaker

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