Sunday, June 21, 2009

sunday geekdom

today mostly involves art messing and my second listen to of the highly entertaining dr who audio drama Bang-Bang-A-Boom, which was a very welcome surprise gift from the lovely dr Joel.
it's lots of fun and full of eurovision song contest humour.

i just finished Watchmen the other night. i ended up spinning it out as long as i could. don't know what to say other than it's a piece of freaking brilliance and lived up to all recommendations. lovedit. i think i'll be following in my brother's footsteps and make reading it an annual tradition.

next up Persepolis, which i suspect is going to be even more affecting in light of the past week's (ongoing) events...



  1. Persepolis is immense!

  2. got into it last night. loving it so far. wasn't expecting there to be so much humour in it, despite the darker material. i'm finding the reading experience has a slightly surreal flavour, given the iranian protests. it was pure coincidence that i bought it the week before the election.