Monday, June 29, 2009

on the town with the league of gentlemen

this is local radio for local people. we'll have no trouble here!

only last night, my inaugural guest, Padraig, my love (aka the gbf) referenced the Dentons as i showed him the selection of towels at his disposal. which was rather appropriate given he was carrying a rucksack and only staying the one night...

BBC Radio 7, starting tonight. a chance to go back to the beginning and the town of Spent. (later to become Royston Vasey in the television incarnation.)

available to local people the world over on the iplayer. marvellous, as the Father would say.


edited to add: seasons 1-3 & the deliciously dark xmas special available separately or as a collection for DVD Region 1. unmissable, frankly.


  1. marvellous indeed. Dont touch the precious things !

  2. i haven't been able to turn a revolving display stand since...

    still as dark and genius as ever.