Sunday, June 07, 2009

then and now


now. before...

and after:

forget about your worries and your strife...



  1. :) That's one of the best 'makeovers', and before and after shots I've seen.. quite the dapper little bear now young Charlie...with just the odd tale or two to tell of near misses, war wounds and adventures in days gone by - a bear with history, wonderful! He looks ready for a night out now :)

  2. :) he's blushing.

    he's doing well for a young lad of, hmmm, must be getting on for 60 years old i guess.

    fortunately he'd been repaired before and his outfit was originally home-knitted i think so i had a bit of latitude with my out-of-practice embroidery skills.

    as a kid it always annoyed me that his woolen collar appeared to be incomplete. so i'm rather pleased to have successfully made him a brand new one.

    hopefully he'll last for another couple of generations.