Saturday, June 20, 2009

good times remembered

i've got very little done today since i rolled out of bed at ten. been some gb09 ikon mailing back and forth going on but i've mostly been stuck at my laptop following the confusing increasingly disturbing reports of violence coming out of tehran on the blogs and iran twazzup*.

think i'm gonna take a break from the desk and try get on with some creating.

peterson's uploaded more of his photos of our week in the north with words to make me smile. and blush, frankly. over there --> at Photos 4 Little Bird.

as always, lovely to be reminded of good times and how fortunate one is...


*my guess would be that twitter is becoming increasingly unreliable as a source of info for those inside iran, assuming they are getting any access. this morning it was full of quite obvious state driven misinformation and this afternoon mostly seems full of ppl outside iran re-tweeting rumours without researching for confirmation and wasting everyone else's time by offering unhelpful or irrelevant comment. and even spamming with porn. :-|

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