Friday, July 29, 2005

they were born that way. . .

the intention is to live with gratitude. so today i'm thankful for having a laugh.

i detest ads on tv and usually mute the sound, switch to the beeb, or shout obscene, well, obscenties at the telly. but every so often one comes along that just *tickles* me. just saw this for the first time. heh heh heh.

and because my bro is getting a kick over there in Toron'o out of listen to audio clips from the Little Britain radio series i thought he might like this bit of very british humour, since he is also going to be purchasing a car.
so, diarist: click this and go to the bottom RHS of page where it says watch the tv ad.
i hope it's not too long before they put the whole series online.

have a good weekend. may you find room to chuckle.

::breaking news::- Kamal just got evicted from big brother. i have just lost all faith in all that is British. shame on you! yup - no Norn Iron solidarity in THIS house. but my goodness his outfit IS going to be f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.

(i'm sorry i managed complete disinterest til week 11. i *really* tried but they sucked me in. again.
bastards! )


Monday, July 25, 2005

i owe it all to you

ewan has brought to my attention that my comments setting was reserved for those who are registered blogger users. sorry 'bout that. this has now been rectified and now anyone can post comments. i look forward to hearing from you.

thanks for your comments - they are always appreciated. ewan and james have posted great Sufjan responses to friday' posting and worth a look. in order to comment ewan set up a blog account and is considering using it to fill the world with great music. i'll keep ya posted. should be a great site once he gets it up and running.

met another Sufjan fan last night: Phil tells me he has heard that "seven swans" is incredible. padraig hosted one of his wonderful dinner parties last night padraig asked phil to play some stuff on the guitar as we'd never had the pleasure of hearing his musical ability beyond the decks before and he opened his delightful "set" with leading us in an acoustic version of "i've had time of my life". it was rather brilliant and not half as ironic as it should have been.

from dani, here is a dirty dancing trivia question:
what does Baby borrow, without asking, from her sister? answers on a postcard . . .

let's end with the . . .pachanga!

have a good day y'all. x

Friday, July 22, 2005

there is a light that never goes out. . .

i always seem to be apologising for lack of postings - sorry. oops there i go again.

after a rather dark week to say the least, here's a little ray of glorious sunshine to tend bruised and battered and fearful hearts. much much gratuitude to Chris for putting this guy my way:
Sufjan Stevens' "Come on Feel the Illinoise".

i cannot recommend this album highly enough. fucking genius down to the last drop.

run, don't walk!, to your nearest retailer and get this. only just out. if you want to impress friends by being in the know then this is so absolutely the guy to be watching.

this guy is a Christian. does that mean we can get him for Greenbelt sometime?
you can find a great interview and photo at pitchfork media, although i'm struggling to find online info on this latest album it's so new. if you come across anything please send it my way.
thanks to the small and scattered prayer team out there. love you.
Faith is measured breathing in the face of uncertainty.- Gordon Atkinson (via bananie and jude)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

boys. just look away now. nothing for you here.

utterly meaningless fluff in the grand scheme of the world but hey, we all need a break from reality sometime. . . some of us just need it more that others. So would the following gals please note these points of information:

News from the latest issue of Heat magazine. there are plans afoot to make a one off ten year anniversary special of This Life, presumably finding out where the gang all ended up. OH. MY. GOD. i'll keep you posted. i sooo hope you heard it from me first.

Okay. remember you said that the girl from dirty dancing 2 was english and did a flawless american accent. saw the dvd for sale in tesco, looked on the back cover and it' s the girl from that film i recommended for sisters-sit-in-for-the-nite-and-eat-chocolate-in-their-pjs-treat, "i capture the castle". i came across her in Attachments, which was where we first met david walliams, and which i'll admit i quite enjoyed. anyway. that's it. another dot joined. btw, her name's: Romola Garai. loving her work, as dermot would say.



Search your feelings Cuke . . .

Updates and musings on the last couple of weeks to come shortly but in the meantime get yer chops around this gem of a flash movie (title above acts as link).

Cyborganically brilliant. (heh heh - see what i did there?)

enjoy. and spread the word.