Thursday, July 03, 2008

hope in hope itself

well lookey here at who's got a new blog.*
those who've been around these pages awhile may remember duchovny's last blog (while he was making House of D) was the reason i ended up with a blogger account, which i then decided to scribble in. thus, blame him.

he's also the source of the tag line above - we may catch fire yet - which i stole, from a posting he made, in an act of flagrant borrowing. but what a line.
krista tippett wrote on the latest Speaking of Faith that she is, "not an optimist but a person of hope".

i wish i'd come up with that line too. and i think they are probably singing out of the same hymnal if not off the same sheet...
i hope that July will be a month in which i rediscover my hopefulness. well, that hope is itself a start i guess.

one day at a time, sweet Jesus, one day at a time...


*i did some checking. it's the real deal. probably worth keeping an eye on. the HoD blog was nicely written and frequently thought provoking. although ear plugs are recommended for the comments. there's a fair bit of high pitched squealing.