Sunday, June 07, 2009

crafts and public displays of emotion

random juxtaposition. on several levels...

along with repairs and alterations to various garments, i made myself a ring from one of my favourite buttons...

this bear, who i think might have been called Edward, belonged to my mother. he's a little threadbare. i meant to repair him when my neice was born but 2 and a half year's on, he's still waiting. my parentals head to Ontario to visit with her and my nephew this coming week. so today's job is to get him ready for the journey and a new home with the next generation...

having picked up the idea from threadbanger on youtube, i recycled some found wooden picture frames, gave them a slap of leftover paint and turned them into changeable displays with string and clothes pegs...


two contrasting faces of celebrity mental health that caught my eye and ear:

the latest cover of OK! magazine, snapped in the queue at the supermarket yesterday, which i'll readily admit caused some rather curious looks from fellow shoppers...

"...i realise the apocalyptic is inside of me. and the reality is what heals and puts us all together again. this sort of terrifying bleak loneliness is nurtured and you just about get through. and also the winter landscape, which is also apocalyptic - it's stripped - and at this time of year when everything recovers and mends: is what it is meant to be. this sense of, there is a sort of truth - an absolute, measurable truth that is visible and present, all around you."

- self-confessed depressive and SAD sufferer, monty don, reflecting on the personal resonance of the themes in his 5 favourite books to mariella frostrup at the hey festival for bbc radio 4's Open Book

right, better get on with teddy's reconstructive surgery...



  1. Love Edward bear, he looks so very loved..
    and what a good idea for old frames, I like that.

  2. he is well loved. my brother has always been very fond of him. although he told me today he always called him Charlie.
    poor thing - must have had an identity crisis for the last 30 years. no wonder he's been coming apart at the seams! :)

  3. wow. i only ever knew monty don as a weirdly attractive gardener. i shall look at him with new eyes from now on! nice quote! (could he be the next you-know-who cary?....)

  4. oh, and i love the picture frame idea. colour it stolen...

  5. weirdly attractive, agreed. but he falls outside the damn parameters of the official praxis of the you-know-what... ;)