Saturday, June 27, 2009

cool shoes

Harvest MJ - KEEN <--- there

could not possibly justify forking out for these but my god they are lovely.

the uppers are made from recycled rice bags and the soles are recycled too.

me likey.


  1. Anonymous6:05 am

    yep, i can see you in those....

  2. now you see, that's just *not* helpful mate.

    unless of course this is your clever way of encouraging the fruit of the spirit within me: by encouraging me to want them more, i thus have to discipline my self-control and coveting all the more. in which case, i assume you were offering unacknowledged prayer support as you typed.

    which, to use a genius phrase of south park's: you were being my accountabilibuddy in Christ.

    thanks. :|

  3. Anonymous10:41 am

    i am financially embarrased am afraid so prayer support all i can offer...
    am honoured to be an accountabilitybuddy - hope it involves copious amounts of beer and wine in the organic tent!!! :) All in Christ of course!

  4. something tells me copious quantities of either and the ability to say the word, accountabilibuddy (note correct spelling) will prove problematic.

  5. Anonymous10:47 am

    am still drunk from last night - got so excited about being something i never heard of i never checked spelling - come to think of it i don't check enough things - story of my life!

    your still a large red?