Thursday, May 14, 2009

"in a word: wrong"

Pádraig got my day off to a crying-with laughter-start by sharing Awkward Family Photos

it's a shame this site doesn't use categories like cake wrecks, but it's good for a laugh.
my top 3, which definitely need the tag, awkward:

(1) the sEARS family

(2) while the family watches

(3) the wonder years (warning: you may not want to look at this while your boss is around. or children. call your therapist. you'll be wanting an extra session. seriously. wrong.)

and yet, i doubt anyone will ever take our hearts like those Christian album covers have.

if i had a church, i'd use one of these covers each week for the front of the order of service.

if you fancy a quick one, you'll find Jay under the tent.

oh, and it turns out Nietzsche was wrong:

i think it's safe to assume, however, that "Liz" is.



  1. wow! gotta love the subtlety. and i really DO love the hairdos on 'the faith tones''s album. why should the devil have all the good haircuts?

  2. Awkward Family Photos never fail to bring a laugh.

    You going to Greenbelt this year? Super-excited that a handful of us House for All folks are getting to go.