Thursday, May 21, 2009

hit ||

i've been away for most of the past week (lovely first trip to belfast as a visitor since the move & then flew with family to edinburgh to celebrate my aunt's 60th), but it's been packed and i had little time for online things or time on my own.
i'm home for 48 hours and then heading up north again, namely to hang with my dear pal Peterson and do some ikon-ey stuff.

in this space inbetween i've a load of things on my to-do list needing attention and with it that over-caffeinated feeling that comes when there's a backlog of thoughts piling up in the back right hand corner of my skull that i've been wanting to reflect and write upon and not had the space...

needless to say, however, all is going pretty good, and so silence for the past week is simply down to the above and not because i've fallen down a dark well of... well, darkness.

colour me consciously hitting the pause button and aiming for the next 36 hours to be something other than rushed and containing some solitude so i can write those piled up things out of head and onto page.


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