Tuesday, May 12, 2009

gay venture

every house move i've made, for as long as i can remember, my childhood stamp collection (a sizeable proportion of which i think i inherited from someone else, maybe my dad or some great aunt) has come with me with the express purpose of using the stamps to d├ęcoupage.

i've had this wooden drawer unit (from ikea) for, i'm thinking, at least 7 years. it holds my stationery items. in my determination to be more organised there's now a drawer for jotter paper & post-it notes, one for paperclips, staplers & rubber bands, another for sharpeners & erasers and so on.
ever since i got this little unit, i planned that one day i'd get around to using those stamps i've been trawling about.

so, this evening, i *finally* got around to doing it. it still needs a few coat of clear varnish - it's currently got craft sealant over it but i want a smooth finish. having started out feeling a little irked and anxious for no real reason, whatever was irking and anxting me slipped away as i enjoyed a few simple hours listening to gareth and jett prattle away about films on their podcasts in the background while contentedly glueing stamps and thinking about absolutely nothing. i'm kinda pleased with how it turned out.

i'm now eyeing up a fairly ugly chest of drawers i've only held on to just so i could do this to them too...

i can't bear to recycle this album (from 1968), even though there's no stamps in it.
the lengthy blurb on the inside front cover opens with the immortal line,

Yes, a Gay Venture indeed for every enthusiast, for there is no more enthralling and exciting hobby than stamp collecting - the only one that can interest you whatever type of person you are!


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