Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Collection of Stamps

can you help with a project?
my enthusiasm to do more of this decoupage but on a bigger scale (chest of drawers) is now limited by a much diminished stamp collection.
if you have,
(1) advice on where to find (cheaply!) loads of old stamps (either specific places or suggestions of generic places where they might turn up), or even better
(2) an old stamp collection* you or someone you know has and are not planning to do anything with and would be happy to give away, or,
(3) if you've got 15 secs on a daily basis to spare, start cutting stamps off your mail (they don't need to be removed from the envelope, a diagonal snip across the corner of the envelope, leaving the stamp intact will suffice) and keeping them in an envelope and posting them once the envelope is full, that'd also be very cool. it doesn't matter if the stamps seem uninteresting or you have lots of the same type.

gimme a shout on email or post in the comments below. if you don't have my email or postal address, leave a message in the comments and i'll work out a way of getting them to you. (i'm not a fan of posting my email address online and i certainly won't be advertising my snailmail address publicly.)
i'll cover postage if we can't work out a way to pass the stamps via hand in as few degrees of separation as possible.

i'm happy to add the stamps to the chest over a number of months so consider this an ongoing request.

i can't say there's much in this for you, except maybe a pint or cocktail if we are in the same place at the same time, but if you can help, you'll certainly have much gratitude from me, and you can pat yourself on the back for a nice thing done.

*if there's a Penny Black in the collection i'll be even more appreciative. ;)


  1. we keep all the stamps off envelopes here when we remember - if we still have them in August I'll bring them over to GB for you, if that's any good?
    They won't be exciting ones though.

    Our current project here involves real corks, which are getting rarer...and any donations are's ongoing too for that reason!


  2. Anonymous5:03 pm

    I'd be happy to but off some stamps for ya - I'm Aideen Johnston on the queermergent ning if you wanna get in touch :)