Friday, May 08, 2009

getting there 2...

i've no art work up*, i'm a couple of bookcases short, i've not started on the deck, the windows aren't cleaned and "jayne's room" is still to be sorted, but the bathroom is spotless (thanks to bleach and an electric toothbrush) and there's food in the kitchen cupboards. so until the bookcases and art get here, the unpacking and sorting is on pause. so far so good. phew. LB

*bar the jonny mcewen above the mantlepiece but that's in a category all of its own.


  1. wow cary...looking lovely!! can you come and sort me out??
    blessings to you my friend xmox

  2. after 5 days of cleaning and sorting, the answer to that would be,
    "i love you. but hell no." ;)


  3. new flat looks lovely. new nepwhew even more so. congratulations! x

  4. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Oh Little glowy,and warm it makes me think of fireflys and lanterns.....and warm spring sea....breezes.....and kisses...on the nose!
    and bubble baths....speaking of bubble baths......i have a little sumthin sumthin fer yer....... "little bird bath" ....what's yer address????
    wuuuuuuv jujubee

  5. hey love
    will send address in an email forthwith.

    and i've just been browsing online for a table and seats to go on the deck. here's hoping you and i will be sitting out there with a glass of wine watching the sun set later in the summer.
    lanterns i can provide. fireflies. in ireland? hmm. we shall have to use our imagination. :) xoxoxo

  6. now there is a transformation from the first pictures you posted :) Well deserving of a relax. Warm wishes for your new home, RD,x