Wednesday, February 04, 2009


don't really have anything to say today...

finished The Worst Hard Time - a powerful and compelling lesson in the ecological and human consequences of tampering with nature, (let alone destroying an entire eco-system.)

next up: The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.
i am enjoying a return to reading - feels like a long time since i felt such easy pleasure in it.

i am feeling the walls closing in. heading for a few days to my soon-to-be-home, hoping to return with a moving plan. this has been a better week - stable and steady in pace. but i am ready for change. i have no idea what this new path will bring but it will be different. and that's as good a reason as any. i need things to be pedestrian for a while. for things to be present. i can no longer live in the past or in the future.

i've lived here for almost eight years. i always said, i wouldn't stay. there is sadness in leaving. there are people i will dearly miss seeing on a near daily basis. i expect i'll return here frequently and there will be likely be many days i will regret leaving them. but here is not where i want to be, even with such dear friends in it. so for better or worse, i'm moving on. with no idea at what lies ahead. i feel little or no excitement, or even thoughts of possibility or opportunity. just relief that things will be different in a different city.



  1. i'll be very interested to hear what you think of the sparrow. i'm reading her thread of grace book now. i love the worlds she creates.

    loads of lub to you, my dear friend.

  2. With the accompaniment of Max Richter, i'm 80 pages in and devouring it... i can see myself hunting out Children of God before the weekend.

    right now, i'd like to be Anne Edwards when i grow up.

    much lub back,