Tuesday, February 17, 2009

in the words of Bobby Vee,

take good care of my baby

i'm booked in with a genius today at the apple store. i've suffered that annoying cracked palm rest problem that plagued the late '07 edition MacBook. i've held off as long as possible but i've finally decided to get it fixed. so, despite there being two other MacBooks in the house to borrow and my own iPhone, colour me feeling jittery at not having my own baby for the next week to ten days... of course i realise now that i should have booked her in for this repair while i was on one of my therapeutic retreats in Tucson in the fall. that would have been sensible. ah, hindsight...

it's kind of like losing a limb.

still, the weird flu bug that knocked me off my feet for 24 hours seems to have passed its worst and i am back feeling relatively well again.

and yes, i've backed up. that's one mistake i'll not be making again.


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