Wednesday, February 18, 2009

musical things

by way of my brother, and a little on the weird side... Pattern is Movement. ewan assures me they are one of the best live acts he's ever seen and admits seeing them live is certainly the best way to get what they've got going on. apparently these folks started out as a Christian rap group. and are now quite popular with the gay 'Bear' community. (one look at 'em and it'll be obvious why).
ewan rarely ever makes a wrong move with his recommendations so i'm gonna give this my best shot.

when bringing me these offerings to broaden my musical horizon, he typically gives me a familiar starting point, something he knows i like... with andrew bird, "it's like rufus wainwright meets the frames". with pattern is movment it was, "think very baroque duke special". and i can hear divine comedy in there too.

via chris, comes the absolutely beautiful Float by Peter Broderick. i cannot believe this guy is only 21. this is pretty much guaranteed to please fans of Max Richter.

and Caesura from Helios continues to be a heavenly experience... i can't believe he could ever match Eingya but i think he may have pulled it off... do not pass through 2009 without this soundscape. beg, borrow or steal for it.
the burst of sound at 4minutes and 14 seconds into the second track causes a choke in my throat every time...


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