Saturday, February 07, 2009


if you have time in your weekend, i recommend the company of Stephen Fry's Podgrams. see the audio list on this page.
Favourites are Wallpaper (on Oscar Wilde, recorded in Colorado, and a nice lesson in the basics of aestheticism) and Language (unsurprisingly enough, on language. fans of Fry and Laurie will get a good chuckle at a certain chess reference). Bored of the Dance had me in fits of chuckling, even as a Scot who likes dancing and wouldn't turn her nose up at stripping the willow.

it's deliciously enthusiastic and wonderfully ranting stuff... some are off-the-cuff musings, others more structured 'blessays'.
either way, they're perfect for pootling about to and for clearing out the head of invasive, prickly thoughts like a glorious flourishing sweep of a broom.



  1. i remember listening to 'bored of the dance' while trying to get ana off to sleep one night. so hard not to laugh out loud!

  2. actually laughed so loud it hurt!

  3. actually better english would have been hard as opposed to loud.... senior moment, sorry