Wednesday, April 28, 2010

risk of head exploding

Talk about seriously mixed messaging from the GOP. The irony of the following dots that refuse to connect leaves me flummoxed... 

Dot 1: last Friday, Gov Jan Brewer(R) signs the highly controversial immigration law in AZ.

Dot 2: Gov Brewer (R) has a seat in the 'War Room' of the Republican Governor's Association.
(no - i'm not sure why they call it a war room either. it's just a map. click on Arizona on the interactive map and there's her name.) i can only presume this means the RGA support Gov Brewer and she in turn is happy to be a part of the RGA and receive it's support. and indeed yours too if you wish to make a financial contribution to the GOP comeback.

Dot 3: Also this past week the Republican Governor's Association launched their 'Remember NoVember' campaign.

According to this article Joel sent me (and i don't think they're wrong) the campaign and their video appears to be 'inspired' by Alan Moore & David Lloyd's V for Vendetta, or the film of the same name. I suspect the latter because I can't believe a single GOP governor has actually read the former. It is a story about the bringing down of a facist/neo-Nazi totalitarian regime.
So, here we have the 'GOP Comeback' campaign suggesting -- with what has been called 'veiled racism' -- that President Obama is a facist and that to support your Republican Governor you should be like Guy Fawkes, or indeed V, who is based on Fawkes.
I presume/hope they mean with your vote rather than with gunpowder. or treason. or indeed plot.

Here comes the irony between those dots...
If you haven't read V for Vendetta it might be helpful to know how anarchist (and as far as i know pacifist) author Alan Moore shows the reader that the fictitious Norsefire party running Britain are indeed fascists:
Amongst other enemies of purity and unity, the state authorities forcibly round up people of colour.

To quote V himself,  "This is not anarchy, Evey, this is chaos."

(Olbermann, Maddow and guests made sharp analysis of the Arizona law last night here, here, here and here. and Olbermann also had a sober conversation with Richard Wolffe about the insidious irony that Fox & other right-leaning media outlets are describing President Obama as playing 'the race card'. )


keeping it all together, David preached at DPC on Sunday. skull may just hold a little longer...


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