Wednesday, April 28, 2010

all good things

after four days filled with lots of loveliness and chat, i was up early this morning seeing Kristen off to her flight home. the day's been kind of sleepy as a result but not without its fill of goodness. having given david's talk at DPC a couple of listens i've been thinking about cups that can't contain the goodness running over and of loving economies. and i'm feeling thankful.

over on twitter another david (lynch) has been drumming up votes for Interview Project on the webby awards. there looks to be some great stuff in the category (online film series, if memory serves) and i'm looking forward to following them up. there's now 111 stories on Interview Project and more yet to come from there 20,000 mile road trip. there's so many i've still to see and so many i've enjoyed. each one is a story worth hearing although many are hard to hear. each is the story of a unique human. i'm grateful for these simple glimpses of life in all their beauty and their pain.

glad too for conversations with loved ones near and far. much of May will be quiet and there's a lot of writing to be done between now and mid August. but within a month from now Joel will be here and the summer will be filled with company.

it's all good.


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