Monday, April 19, 2010

kill the hypothetical

I've got a face. You've got a face. It's all gonna be alright.
- Noel Fielding. 

surreal and hopeful, it's one of my favourite quotes of the year so far, and yet all too often it isn't alright, is it... this 2003 interview with david foster wallace is exactly the kind of thing that keeps me going back to the daily dish despite my shifting some measure of online allegiance to TNC. the beauty of, and indeed the inspirations behind, DFW's insights and writing reflected here only adds to the tragedy of what lay ahead. i've only scratched the surface of the interview but the opening slot is infused with the Real and i greatly admire his obvious commitment to avoiding abstraction. i think i'm going to need to file it under the slow burn. in some ways it reminds me of the Sam Keen lecture. probably because i'm becoming less and less interested in abstract argument and increasingly drawn to embodiment and experience. 

having let go of the loss yesterday of a whole list of podcasts i wanted to recommend, here's just a sample of audio treats i'm loving:

Jonny's online EP is filling me with delight. 

Pete's posted Pádraig's  mash-up, which has brought back a flood of many happy memories -- of nights singing this (and a load of other songs that share the chord sequence) after dinner, by candlelight,
with many dear friends fuelled by wine and cheese and dark chocolate. such good times. Pád's first album is launched here at Proost. so very very proud of him and so very glad folks get to have this in their virtual turntable. 

please support both Jonny and Pád by purchasing a download if you can. 

in other calls to financially support dear friends trying to make an earnest living online, i'm liking the film talk's daily broadcasts, live at the 2010 Nashville film festival. you can really help the film talk's financial viability by going to the site and then using the link to a free audiobook of your choice from audible dot com. 

i'm feeling most honoured and privileged to have been asked to contribute some thoughts for Peterson's Transfigurations graphic novel project. currently at the, 'letting it all percolate in 
the back of my mind' phase and looking forward to writing the resulting brew... 

in the meantime, enjoying another of his projects - the brand new Queer and Queerer podcast. themes are LGBTQ issues, religion, pop culture and higher education. their first effort is entertaining, provocative and i'm looking forward to seeing where they take it. 

right, this is my last week of classes. much to be done. better get to it. 


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