Tuesday, April 06, 2010

how to speak of faith

(click anywhere in the video and it takes you to the Ustream site to play there.
clicking on the play arrow on the left hand side of the player's bottom margin will cause it to play here as an embedded link. take your pick.)

more info on this recording at SoF



  1. I sadly can't watch that at the moment because I'm monitoring an exam at work, but I'll take the opportunity to put in a plug for the not-unrelated:


    One of the most enjoyable programs I've listened to in recent memory, also commended by people I really love and admire. Seriously good!

  2. i very nearly put a link to the space Jesuits in the post myself. i'm glad one of us did.

    while i'm here and we're recommending goodness, i think i'll add one for Sam Keen's talk: