Monday, September 21, 2009

there's only one way of life...

and that's your own. 

i picked this up at the daily dish. i've now read it 3 times. as a commenter says, a perfect pitch post.

Tim Kreider's great NYT essay on the lives we have not led... 


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  1. shirley8:18 am

    oh that is EXCELLENT. way to articulate! i will read this again later and then send it to a few people. i often wonder why people have to pit themselves against other people as if life choices/circumstances have to be some sort of big competition because there isn't enough affirmation/support to go around. i have stopped reading the guardian family section/listening to anyone who uses the terms 'smug' and 'married' in the same breath for this very reason. it's hard and awful and great for everyone as far as i can see and we all still need each other, more than ever.