Tuesday, September 01, 2009

all sinners. all saints.

there is so much to write about, it's going to take all week. but here's photos i love
of some amazing folks. it was great to get to hang with the Denver crew. a total highlight
to see them again and meet some i hadn't met before. and their bluegrass eucharist on saturday night was wonderful. talk about orthodox anarchy. i loved it. here are just some of them that i managed to get snaps of... these folks rock the cazbah in such a massive way for me and i am so
grateful they came to bear witness to what they've got going on as a community...

Amy. with her always beaming smile and her seriously cool wellies to go with
her persistently cutting wit...

a total delight to get to hang once again with Matthew (Mr Nadia, a Lutheran priest himself and a wonderful musician) and have some lovely chat. he is wise and i will be chewing on his thoughts for ages. (snapped here with Jonny in the morning sunshine)

and Nadia. what can i say about this tornado force of a woman? she has been such a gift since our worlds intersected. i'm totally remiss in that don't have a photo of Cheryl or any of the aussie ladies from this weekend. but time with Cheryl again this year was equally wonderful and a total highlight. i had lovely times chatting with her and Blythe.
that i took Eucharist on Saturday served to me by Nadia and Cheryl was
about as real as it gets. my eyes were brimming as i stood before them and accepted the bread and wine and words they held together.
we were on a panel together on Sunday and i was so honoured.
they are such an inspiration, challenge and example to me. and i love them both dearly.



  1. Dear Cary!
    It's Melanie here from eons ago. I thought I saw you in the distance at the Contributor's tent at Greenbelt over the weekend but I was up to my oxters planning an installation for New Forms so didn't come over and say hello. I have JUST discovered your blog. Would LOVE to connect when I'm next up in da NOrt - am up quite often as Himself is from Bangor. Hope you're doing well. Look forward to reading your blog and finding more about your art and creativity and Ikon.
    blessings on you

  2. hey melanie

    no worries.! i know what it's like. it can all get a bit mental. (*loving* that you said oxters. my scots heart skipped a beat.)
    i was chatting to someone on friday, thought i saw you too but next time i looked you were gone.
    but i guessed since you must have had a purple band on your weekend would involve busyness of some form.

    it would be absolutely lovely to hook up.:)
    and i'm now living back in dublin, beside Marlay. i start studying at UCD next week.
    email address at the bottom of the page will reach me. so do get in touch via that.

    yay. :)

  3. my god i love you cary