Wednesday, September 16, 2009

standing up for what's right...

a superb post over at Peterson's blog today. he shares a breathtaking and powerful testimony - the case for standing up for transgender rights. 

this is a fiercely subversive witness to the justice (what cornel west called, "what love looks like in public") that changes the world if we live it.

as for me... i believe this universe is not ours to dictate who gets welcomed in. we are already all inside it. and all are welcome in it. where anyone is not being made welcome, pushed to the edges, not being honoured so that we all might live in authentic dignity, or not being given equality of respect, then there's work to be done. i believe living in radical welcome is redemption. for all of us.

there is nothing half-hearted about the gospel. if it isn't radically challenging and changing how we live in this world - transforming it, and us, into something more loving and beautifully human, then it's not the gospel of radical love in action.

it's all. or nothing.


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