Monday, September 07, 2009

and so it all begins...

so, it all kicks off tomorrow.
the student portal, the likes of which i've never seen, has opened up now that i've picked my optional modules (a course on Masculinities in semester 1 and one on Sexualities in semester 2) and my registration is complete. the only word i need is: overwhelmed. and i'm not talking about the reading and research hours for my courses. i started totting them up and then thought there are some things better not knowing all at once. 

when i was last a student you got online by dial up. i'm not sure the guardian had a website. if it did, i didn't use it. i read the paper version every day. broadband wasn't even in my vocabulary.
if i wanted a book from the library, which could only hold a handful of people at a time, it was found by physical card search with no computer database. and the entire student body on my particular campus would fit on a double decker bus.

so i've just learned that in the university there are 5 colleges and in my college (of 4,500 students) there are 10 schools. and in my school there are two departments, Equality, and Women, both with undergraduate and graduate programmes. i'm thinking of making up a song a la, "and on that tree" from the wicker man to keep it all clear in my mind. the library takes up a massive building. there's a church and a bank and a bicycle store. and i need a map to know how to get to class. i've lived in villages with less than this.

and i have just realised that i am about to find myself amongst a student body in which the first year undergrads are half my age. half! how did that happen? i just hope that maybe they too find the whole thing just a little overwhelming.
and worse still, i realised i accepted my offer without first checking if there's anywhere to get a decent cup of coffee. fortunately a look at the campus map shows 3 branches of my favourite Irish caffeine chain, Insomnia.

and suddenly all seems well with the world again.


if i thought the student portal is overwhelming this... well this is the future. now.  


  1. Anonymous10:51 pm

    As I recall, you could fit the library inside the double decker along with the class, with room left over for a few pints.

  2. hey you

    i owe you an email. will be in touch later in the week once i've caught up with myself.
    and yes, you're so right about the library. :)
    mir and i had a trip down memory lane back to our first day in class over the weekend and mentioned you.
    the entrance to the library at ucd looks like immigration control. not quite the same. although no risk of being crushed by those rolling shelves. :) but glad to say the school of social justice is no bigger than ise (70 grad students) and they're aiming for the same familial spirit. met the women studies faculty and students today. nice people.
    more later,