Wednesday, September 30, 2009

can i get a witness?

if you be on facebook, you can join The Lake Effect group for news and even hear the show there. details there on how to listen on your DAB radio if you find yourself in Ireland.

(you won't see me there as it'd mean me reactiving my account and i don't plan to do that for the time being but assume for now i am there in spirit.)

one of the rubbish things about really emotionally low in the opening months of this year was that it pretty much killed my love of music. in absence of being able to fly to Toron'o and being able to hang out with ewan and his vinyl collection and being taken on one of his tailor-made magical mystery tours, this really is the next best thing. it's a defibrillator for my musical senses...

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a couple of years back a close friend had ewan and i over for dinner when ewan was back in ireland for vacation. after several hours of catch up chat, discussion finally turned to music, which is what our host had been waiting for, not just during dinner, but i suspect for months. i was well aware, and quite contendedly so, that i was about to become a mere observer to these 2 friends sharing something special. our host enthusiastically mentions an artist he's been getting into. ewan responds, "if you like that, then you should check out..." and our host paused the conversation within 30 seconds with the words, "hold on, i'm going to need to take notes. let me get paper and pen... "

ewan has the respected reputation he does amongst our peer group, not only because his knowledge of music is so intricate but because he shares what he loves with such care for others. a care that is matched by his humility. people wax lyrical about ewan because he never does. my brother is a musical cartographer... and i know this is no mere sibling-bias, because i couldn't ever count the number of times people have described to me, with nothing short of delighted awe, their experience of talking to him about music, of the affirmation they feel in the experience. when it comes to trading in the currency of the uncool, conversation doesn't get much richer. and i never feel anything less than incredible pride and joy that others get to share in the blessing that is him.

i know others will now be nodding in agreement and he will be blushing with embarrassment and feeling unworthy of such praise. but these are my pages. :)

folks, you know the drill: get facebooking, get tweeting, spread the word like the Lord's coming back in the next half hour. do it for the sake of the seekers.


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