Friday, April 03, 2009

everything was beautiful & nothing hurt*

2 pieces of video...

first, the footage of a girl being flogged by Taliban fighters in Pakistan, which left me this morning in horror and feeling speechless. i had no idea what words to respond with and still don't now. and certainly not any that are non-violent in spirit right at this moment.

second is this, over at the daily dish. andrew sullivan is bringing up to the minute coverage today of the extremely important iowa and vermont rulings on gay marriage. but this video stands out, as does his commentary.

it's all got something to do with rights and human dignity and justice. but the world keeps turning...

:: and so it goes :: *


*slaughterhouse-five tattoos


  1. I just watched the first of those and can't believe what I have just seen, am stunned and sickened... will have to return to the rest of your post later...perhaps I will have words too then, Katie

  2. the other video is moving but full of strength and a testament to the loving human spirit.
    sullivan's comments on it nail the point completely and shows why the supreme court decision in iowa yesterday is so important.

    but yeah, still at a loss to know how to respond to the first other than to feel horror.


  3. I did come back and watch, and agree with you, very moving. An important decision and move forward. The older I get the more just being human and recognising that in each other is all that counts, cheers, RD,x