Tuesday, April 21, 2009

from a tea break

it's all about interesting conversations at the moment. well, that's one of the bigger themes.
the day-to-day this week is all about emptying shelves and packing my life up into boxes but that's dull as dishwater in my book. the unpacking and subsequent turning of a blank magnolia slate of an apartment into a suitably me-zone is the only carrot to tempt me to keep up the pace. still, at least i'm not having to do this relocation while my heart is in free fall, like the move to here last May. if i needed proof that there's some strength in me, that i survived that fucking horrible month is a contender. but thankfully that is the past and today is today and if i find myself bored rather than weeping while i pack, then i know i'm doing better.

so. anyways. interesting conversations... oh. yes:

my dear brother highly recommended this interview from ffm 09. his praise was not unwarranted. not that it ever is. so i knew whatever this turned out to be it'd be good.
cornel west talks with lupe fiasco. i'd never heard of mr fiasco but this conversation contains some great stuff from both of them. it's been running in the backround as i pack to stave off the boredom and on each listen i hear something new.

i get to go to tuesday group tonight. which is cause for joy and gratitude.



  1. If you've not also grabbed Cornel's lecture from later that day, I'd highly recommend it. It was quite a privilege to get to photograph both (flickr update coming... some time soon) and to stand nearby and watch Dr. West getting down side-of-stage during Lupe's set later that night.

  2. hey james,

    post a note here when you update the flikr, i'd love to see 'em.
    that must have made for a great day.
    i must get to fmm some day.

    and yes, ewan told me to check out that lecture too. it's on the list. :)

    love to you & k.

  3. As requested, though rather delayed as photo editing was way down the to-do list, here's the note.

    All my FFM photos are up at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jystewart/sets/72157617265419921/

    Those featuring Cornel are also at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jystewart/tags/cornelwest/

    So glad to have all that processing done! Maybe now I can get back to the usual focus on baby photos!