Tuesday, April 07, 2009

meg ryan is a helicopter pilot*

apropos of absolutely nothing other than this made me laugh. a lot.

few things make me chuckle more than mark kermode in rant mode, when he can barely keep up with himself. the billboard ads for bride wars made me want to claw my own eyes out. the trailer left me not far short of apoplectic. kermode and i agree on the brilliance of the wicker man, don't look now and mary poppins but firmly disagree on casino royale. i'm never sure what he's going to like, but i enjoy his reviews regardless and find his energy infectious. although i was pretty sure we'd be singing from the same hymn sheet when i came across this review yesterday. he did not disappoint.
"Everyone will tell you this is a 'chick flick'. It is. Only insomuch that if it was ground up and fed to battery hens it might be better served than running through a projector."

- Mark Kermode, reviewing Bride Wars, Jan '09

* see also, kermode reviews, marley and me

savagely entertaining.



  1. have sent this clip to a boy i know who went to a birthday party and this was the movie they watched. it was a bad party. he described the film as 'a film about a sad couple who get a dog and then the dog dies'. i think he will appreciate this! thanks! i also like mark kermode. :)

  2. *how* much must that have sucked?!

    i think i'd have been tempted to take back my present as a form of refund. ;)

    i think that needs a place in the,
    "10 films that'll bring down your kids' party like a lead balloon" list.
    i'm assuming that list exists somewhere.