Thursday, April 02, 2009


yesterday was filled with April fools across the web but i think i'm gonna hand my own little imaginary award to the guardian, who announced yesterday they were ending 188 years of print to providing news published exclusively through twitter. they get a very nice dig at the daily mail in there too.



  1. haha i loved this too!:

    'Currently, 17.8% of all Twitter traffic in the United Kingdom consists of status updates from Stephen Fry, whose reliably jolly tone, whether trapped in a lift or eating a scrumptious tart, has won him thousands of fans. A further 11% is made up of his 363,000 followers replying "@stephenfry LOL!", "@stephenfry EXACTLY the same thing happened to me", and "@stephenfry Meanwhile, I am making myself an omelette! Delicious!"'

    PS you now have me addicted to neil gaiman's blog. like i _needed_ another addiction! ;)

  2. hehe. i read that very line out to mark when i saw the article. especially funny given, s. fry hasn't blogged in over a month and the last several posts he did write were about twitter.

    i have just been sitting reading gaiman's blog myself. it's just lovely, isn't it? as addictions go i think one can embrace it wholeheartedly. :)

    i'm browsing a site that a reader mentioned that he confirmed he's a fan of, - a site dedicated to literary tattoos (books, poetry, music and other sources). am currently browsing an amazing collection of tattoos that feature kurt vonnegut quotes.
    perhaps sometime i'll send them a pic of my wrist.

  3. yes i saw that site too and i loved the literary/vonnegut quotes. there was a great one where a boy got the little asterick symbol tattooed on his arm after reading slaughterhouse five. when his dad saw it his first remark was, 'you know that's an asshole, don't you?'

    and it did make me think of your wrist. you should send it in for sure!

  4. oh and gaiman's site. yesterday's made me swoon a little bit:

    'important things= loved ones and the stories. unimportant things= everything else. everything.'

  5. i am so very with you on that. so beautiful. i thought when i read that, "that'd be worthy of a tattoo on my other wrist". thus proving tattoos also = addiction. ;)

  6. oh god. yes. i think that *really* could be the next tattoo. i feel a very similar feeling i had when padraig first presented me with the line that's now on my right.

    well, funds won't allow for indulgences right now so i'm filing it for future consideration. :)

    as for that kid's dad - i don't think it's the tattoo that's the a**hole.

  7. haha!

    i also had a thought that that quote might be tattooworthy :)