Sunday, March 15, 2009

thrown together

i went to ikon for the first time in months. it left me thinking,

we are thrown into this life. we don't get a choice to start. it just happens.
and the being thrown doesn't stop. the future comes toward us with constancy.
and any semblance of control over what it brings with it, as we move forward into it,
is but illusion. our hands are never truly at the wheel. if they were, we would be G-d.

we are thrown, each of us on our trajectory. we are thrown separately. on our own...
but we are all thrown - none of us excluded. and so in one sense, we are thrown together.

sometimes we collide as the courses of our lives weave ever forward in the thrustpushthrow
that is this life. however much control we try to exert on the line we are tracing, to embrace in the colliding or to pull away onto another path, we can never know the intricate changes effected on this universe by the throwing we are undergoing, each and together.

we waste more time in this short precious life pretending we are in control than over most things... making plans, avoiding, weighing, devising. we do it all assuming that we will have a complete tomorrow, and a day after that.
i guess none of us ever realises how lucky we are until we lose what's precious. and the rest of the time we're thinking we know better. we're throwing it away.



  1. wow am feeling fairly thrown right now.. so very true. Yes, have felt very out of control and seeing what is so precious being thrown and not being able to do much to stop it either... thats what is hurting me at the moment.
    folly to think we know better...
    tis the best and the worst of life I guess,

  2. the best and the worst... yep. i get that. one and the same a lot of the time.

    hold on to whatever you can.


  3. Thanks LB,
    you too.. keep holding on,