Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the showing up

this wonderful TED talk by elizabeth gilbert reminded me of so many people i know.

there is a embryonic thought in my mind that this is exactly why we should seek the "authentic", the "small"... there's something running through this idea that what might be divine or transcendent is revealed when we are at our most human, not trying to tell of G-D, but tell of ourselves. and in doing so, that which could or might see beyond how we understand the world, that which is outside of us, speaks in, through or around us... is revealed.

in other words, we can err as humans, and if we are willing to let that constant state of error be out in the world, others might see even in our stumbling, the alternative, get a glimpse of what i'm calling at the moment, the G-D's eye view. i've been thinking about tich naht hanh's phrase that conflict happens because we do not understand one another. perhaps then i am wondering, if i best understand what i call G-D as the unknowable eye or ear or heart which is above or beneath or in the middle of all situations and experiences, outside time and space is that which sees into the heart of all the players and thus understands what causes things and what we all really feel.

if only you could see you through my eyes, with my heart, with my mind, and soul, and i, yours. but we can't. that's not the deal we got given as humans.

so our job is maybe, yes, to just keep turning up and tell how we experience life as honestly as we can, and attempt to understand one another. to see in all our erring what it is we have in common. and listen to the other voice that weaves around our ongoing conversation. that which brings both mystery and clarity.

it's all about best guesses when you don't have an all seeing eye. to claim otherwise is to claim to be G-D.



  1. best guesses are all we have it seems, have been best guessing a lot recently, and some days, sometimes it works, thankfully she says tonight!!

    You have given me much to listen to in this post and the previous one.. much to ponder and chew over,
    gotta love your mojo :)
    pleased it's returning, RD, x

  2. no one is more pleased than I! ;)

    thanks for the encouragement and i'm with you on the thankfulness that best guessing works even some of the time.

    perhaps the divine goes by that old adage,
    "you can please some of the people all of the time, and
    all of the people some of the time,
    but you can never please all of the people all of the time."
    which might then lead one to conclude that the breath of G-D is typically a bemused and somewhat exasperated sigh of disbelief. ;)


  3. Lol I somehow find that reassuring ~ bemused and exasperated.. I can so understand that as a possibility, ;)