Tuesday, March 10, 2009

on the brink...

i was going to use the above title when i posted yesterday morning, and resisted, if only because i didn't want to give in to the agenda of the dissident republican terrorists to inspire fear that we've taken a step towards the edge. but breaking news tonight has now brought the words to the fore.

we're just back from a great night at the re-opened Ulster Hall. it was just what i needed. if i was angry at G-d today then i made a bit of peace tonight. several attempts to give my ticket to the sold out show were turned down, leading Jayne to believe i was going to change my mind at the last moment and that she wasn't meant to give it away as i'd asked. and not knowing if my ticket had found a new owner, i decided to go at the last minute.
and i'm glad that i did. it reminded me just how much gigs for me used to be church. the place where i'd connect and believe like no place else. i felt such gratitude for that reminder tonight. so glad i went. it was a shot my soul needed. so much energy.

and we come home to this news...

i travelled last night through Craigavon on a bus laid on to ferry rail passengers between Dundalk and Portadown as the train line was closed due to security threats. we were stopped in Craigavon at a checkpoint by heavily armed police. it was chilling when one of them boarded the bus. not because he was a threat, (he was actually pretty friendly and apologetic for the disruption) but because of what their presence represented... the past catching up and threatening to take over. i could feel everyone exhale when the policeman disembarked. the bus was pretty much silent for the last few miles of the journey.

i wondered how many were praying...

don't let this happen
this is Your job
we pray
you listen
and you're meant to help us transform
so listen
and don't let this happen
this place and its people
have been through enough
so pull us back
please G-d
pull. us. back.
help us pull us together.
help us wage peace...

for the second night in a row i find myself praying the same prayer...

pull us back


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