Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a teaser...

i caught up briefly last night at the Empire with another very talented northern irishman who's performing with chris at ::the god delusion:: and needless to say i cannot wait to hear them play together...

pretend you're drowning, by Chris Fry.

Scatter me across the oceans of dismay
Unwind me, dislocate me, toss me to the sky
I feel my mind like a dancer pirouetting absently
At a door that’s been painted many times to hide the cracks

I talk to the trees now
Maybe they’ll understand my pain
They know the bottom
They touch it
They do not fear as I do

Unhook My Mind

And they say that your laws are like opium to the people
But if they were I would pray every night to feel the brightness of their needles
And taste their rest
But your laws are like a fire
They consume me
They are burning me
I have scars from your dogma
You have startled my sky and I am falling
Startled my sky and I am falling…..

Unhook my mind, unhook my mind
Unleash my dreams
I think I’m coming apart at the seams

He says….

Pretend you’re drowning.


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