Thursday, August 02, 2007

can G-d be verb?

i've been in the company of pete. and for that i feel alive. we haven't had such a chat in an eon and we bathed in it...

what we thought would be an hour or so of catch up on our everydayness and states of heart was instead 4 and a half hours spent in delighted conversation on the direction ikon's philosophical exploration might be taking... we have been exploring the suspended sacred space for a while, but in that space something is happening...

colour us thoroughly enlivened and some seemingly tricky maneuvers transformed into bold leaps of playful provocation...

we talked of ideas and of our own stories, and found ourselves following a path scattered with wordplay, leading to a place where we felt transformation happening... of transformation within happening... an undergoing in radical antagonism...

i have a tattoo, which speaks (as opposed to reads), ::Alpha HaShem Amor Omega:: it is a reminder to me of the possibility that when we talk of one, we are speaking of the other.

what if we not only interplayed G-d with Love, but with justice, hope, to come. would our language still hold? perhaps when the question, "Does G-d exist?" is what divides us theist and atheist, a/theism draws us to a space where we are asking another question entirely...

perhaps, G-d is "to come", is "the happening we are undergoing", is the call itself... is it possible to not believe in G-d but believe in the intervention?

it is the unknowing that seduces...


was going to spend a while writing today but i need to run errands before collecting jayne from the airport... yay.

in the meantime, found a treat on the Morning Becomes Eclectic homepage. was heading in to find the rosie thomas/denison witmer set, but never made it past this - glen and mar performing tracks from Once... which reminds me that i can't wait to see the film. there's the original soundtrack recording of if you want me on the the swell season Myspace, that is just exquisite. as mar says on their blog, life does not always offer happy endings but there is hope...

these are not so much lovesongs as lostsongs... we recognise love so often by it's absence...

right, better go...


p.s. if you use firefox, and if not, why the hell not, then you should check out a cool piece of software called cooliris. when you pass your mouse over a hyperlink it opens up a preview window of the site. very clever little thing. very easy to set up.


  1. ewan:)8:18 pm

    i hope this is your firefox theme:

  2. :0)


    although it is tempting. for all the wrong reasons.


  3. Anonymous8:52 am

    Thanks for a great conversation, was inspiring! Makes me remember that ikon is at the beginning of some wonderful explorations rather than at the end - we are on the theshold, we are always on the theshold. x