Tuesday, August 07, 2007

much to be done

my over the rhine selection arrived today.
so the stereo is wall-to-wall OTR all day. the pre-GDBD era had me trippin' with flashbacks to my early twenties and i'm loving Ohio on first listen. what a great band.

today is also wall-to-wall ikon preparation.
pete's in californ-i-a representing ikon in conversation at the Solition Sessions.
so i'm pulling together the now pretty much finalised running order for ::the God Delusion::

and yes, finally, colour me totally excited about what the crew has weaved together... there is so much to be done in the next two weeks (note to self: write up the massive to do list) but oh sweet relief i'm finally feeling it... wanting to run at it with energy and enthusiasm. it's complex, quirky, ambitious beyond anything we've attempted before and thus filled with risk, and contrary to rumour, this isn't gonna be any less controversial... this is such a great creative team to work with... we do this cause we love the adventure... and i must remember that in the next couple of weeks when i feel the weight of responsibility to get it right weighing heavy and causing stress...

right, back to productivity i go.


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