Sunday, August 05, 2007

even i can't join the dots between these 3 items

this is pretty cool in my book. this photo was taken at midnight as the 27th june became the 28th at north cape, northern norway, where for may, june and july the sun never sets. my father took it while on not so much a summer holiday as a 4000 nautical mile (round trip) pilgrimage up the norwegian coast into the arctic circle. this is what he wanted to see for his own eyes: "the midnight sun". colour him satisfied, awed and a little freaked out... i'd love for him to go back to this exact same spot in the winter when the sun never rises to re-experience the northern lights, which, having witnessed them on the lake of bays, ontario (on my brother's wedding day) counts as one of the most awe inspiring experiences i think a person can have on this planet.


facebook. an update.
well jude calls it crack cocaine. i can see why. you could spend a lot of time on this thing. and setting up has proved time consuming but i think i've finally got it all in place and can just stop there once a day and see what's going on.
if i can say one thing in facebook's favour, it kicks myspace's arse, (bar myspace Music, i consider MS only to be one step above bebo in a virtual society that makes me recoil) if for one significant reason:
FB allows you to define, person by person, the meaning and depth of a "friend"ship. this is an aspect i did not expect. in fact, it's ideally suited for total control freaks (like me) given one's ability to choose person by person exactly what a person can or cannot see about you and even block individuals entirely from having anything to do with you - i've yet to do this but it's a major security blanket. but such is the pleasant, mature and congenial atmosphere in the familiar crowd i'm hooking up with over there i'm starting to see why it comes recommended. everything happens by personal and joint consent. so far facebook is proving adept at tackling all the things i continue to loathe and fear about social networking sites and in particular avoid the sensation of being in one of those hideous house parties of one's teenage years. so, i'll admit to provisionally be changing my mind on this one site at least. i've seen the crowds on there i know i don't want to hang out near and sussed how to keep away from them. so, out of sight, out of mind. god, i'm curmudgeonly.


right, given it's almost 6pm, it feels appropriate to consider washing, dressing and making some food...

oh, before i go, can i recommend you go to youtube and do a search for "lego". some rather cool stop motion stuff in there - including the building of a lego millennium falcom, recreations of the famous Ok Go! videos and michael jackson's thriller... all great fun.



  1. fantastic still searching for the northern lights - keep missing them whenever we are anywhere close...

    mental notes taken about facebook - though I haven't ventured close yet....
    wishing you a lovely summer....RD,x

  2. hey RD
    nice to hear from you.:)
    jude's right, facebook is the online equivalent of crack cocaine.
    august is proving full of excited anticipation.