Friday, May 18, 2007

you don't have to say you love me

friday's don't come much better than this.

had my first coffee of the day and much laughter with ma priest, Pádraig, my love, in clements on the square. played with some photos and caught up on the blogosphere, and enjoyed a :: cary special:: in the process.
i'm about to head to an art workshop where i will be working on one of three pieces i'm making for exhibition at the Vagina Monologues (a painting, a collage (of sorts) and a photograph). this workshop runs every friday in the donegall pass community centre from 12.30 - 4. every week has a different theme. this week and next is an opportunity for women to work on ::Vagina:: art.


last night saw us at the first workshop rehearsal for TVM. got to read my monologue for the first time and hear some of the cast read theirs. i am SO looking forward to this. this play comes to life with such vigour when it's given voice. and boy, or should i say, woman, did we give it voice! :0)

i woke this morning wearing the kind of grin that comes with relishing that i am getting to do something i love. the words are dripping off my tongue as i savour every moment of this gift of an opportunity...


song of the day:

baby, i don't care by transvision vamp. we are perilously close to a public act of rocking out...

time to get a take away special and a sandwich and get down to some art making...

[throwing metal with a serious shimmy]



  1. can we ask which monologue you're doing? or is it a surprise?! i am looking forward to the thing too. so wish i could join you for some friday vagina art!

  2. you can ask.
    not sure whether i want to leave it a surprise...

    i'll say nought for the meantime and we'll see how long i can go without saying.

    the art making today went very well.

    i'll post pics as soon as there's something complete to show you. everything is in progress.

    lots of love -