Tuesday, May 15, 2007

for Anonymous... and Another

scraps from today...

simple thoughts, to occupy my mind, and made me feel gratitudinal...


"Often a sweetness comes
as if on loan, stays just long enough
to make sense of what it means to be alive,"

from Sweetness by Stephen Dunn


"i'm pleased to say we can offer you a lease on the apartment...
it's yours from June 1st."

(i'm moving)


all life is grace



i wonder if the birds are insecure
they talk like they know which way is down

- sarah masen


why waste your time?
there's nothing left
voices in your head
tell you to do it
no one will care
no one will know
everyone just looks out for themselves

it's so hard letting go
letting go of love
it might cause some pain, i know
but pain is all we've got

why waste more time?
time is all you have
careful what you say
they'll hold you to it
no one will care
no one will know
everyone feels sorry for themselves

it's so hard letting go
letting go of love
it might cause some pain, i know
but pain is all you've got

and it may be the only way
if you can get yourself back up

- rosie thomas


who the hell is Love anyway?

- Pádraig


maybe all life is chance...

- Chris


we still have a choice. however we found ourselves on these paths,
we get to choose how we walk...


we are a checkered people - with love and malice in the marrow of our bones.

- Pádraig


"There's a dark side to each and every human soul. We wish we were Obi-Wan Kenobi, and for the most part we are, but there's a little Darth Vader in all of us. Thing is, this ain't no either-or proposition. We're talking about dialectics, the good and the bad merging into us. You can run but you can't hide. My experience? Face the darkness. Stare it down. Own it. As brother Nietzsche said, being human is a complicated gig. So give that ol' dark night of the soul a hug. Howl the eternal yes!" - chris stevens, northern exposure

- Mark


all the while you were in discipline
listening on the inside
making sense of the tendrils
running between mind
and body
making claim to your limbs
learning to stand
with feeling

all the while you were eyeing stars
watching constellations
making best guesses of the choices
caught between fear
and desire
staking territory for control
learning to survive
with instinct

all the while you were evading
diving deep
making peace with the past
buried between your heart
and soul
breaking to fall together
learning to journey
with compassion

all the while you were missing
seeing your beauty
giving joy to the child
hidden between walls
and fathers
embracing your spirit
learning to live
with loving


Perhaps we need to think in a different way about our truest self...
to attend deeply to the quiet voice of the way things are. without censoring. and to address our voice and heart to the Essence of Love from there.

- Pádraig


if there's a divine voice, it's saying,

"when you gonna love you as much as i do?"


keep on keeping on,

howl the eternal yes...


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  1. How do I love thee and thy words? let me count the ways.

    Too long, sister, too long.