Tuesday, May 22, 2007

cheryl :0)

bring. it. on.

dark thoughts and feelings kept creeping round the edges of my day and short sharp shocks threatening my general mood of well being. back in the safety of home with the mask off and defences down i felt ghosts haunting and eyes pricking... 3 hours of trawling through my music and nothing would even articulate what i'm feeling...
or lift my mood... just couldn't find it... and then your post came in. and i thought of us playing extras in that movie in the cafe and and then i was back at the 'belt, and i found my happy place, and i would have replied immediately but i downloaded starz in their eyes and was shaking ma touche in vest, y-fronts and head fonz at 3 am...
i'm thinking the ikongegration needs to be more organised this year and get a proper post service disco organised.
see you most certainly in the organic beer tent... looking forward to catching up, having a pint with you and the ikon gals and pondering our official existential question of 2007:

Men. What's that about?


the look for GB07? let's hope not...

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  1. cheryl9:01 pm

    yes!!! what is that about??

    this makes me so happy.

    we were great extras, weren't we. i'm surprised we haven't been called back as a double act.

    i'm bringing a wee group of people over, so they can be inspired by all that is greenbelt. we're popping over to belfast for a quick visit afterwards... i might send them off home and then come back to belfast for a more leisurely visit... not sure how that will play itself out yet.

    wishing only light at your edges today...