Monday, May 21, 2007

not as you know it

Sitting on the back step with a celebratory smirnoff ice, a rollie, and listening on ma fonz to patience by take that for no particular reason other than i love the way gary b sings, "salvation" and it's giving me an unasham-ed warm glow...

not that i need it. warm glow suffusing through the limbs after an awesome ikon monthly gathering, a run at the theme we've chosen for greenbelt 07,

The God Delusion: Where Does Your Faith Lie?

on the basis of tonight we is now very excited... everything tonight just 'clicked', pete called it 'word perfect', the music kicked ass, within 20 secs of the official start the venue was a sea of grinning and somewhat awestruck faces, including my own, someone was moved to tears, newcomers were desperate to know how to contribute some wonderful and bizarre talents to future events, and the crowd were totally up for it and engaged... between pouring pints even the black box bar staff were glued to it... the theosophy is in the bag and we can look forward to having a serious amount of fun over the summer magnifying all the elements to meet the demands of the vastly bigger venue, developing our chosen colour palette and aesthetic and working out how to bring to life, with virtually no budget, some of the delicious quirkiness that has been imagined thick and fast since our weekend in Corrymeela... i am so torn as to what to wear i may have to do a costume change...

Let's shake some dust, people...


  1. nice post!

    yes, the music was so beautiful. i had such a lovely time in my wee space, click clacking away! lovely lovely.

    see you soon! x

  2. cheryl2:18 am

    i get to travel the 10000 miles to come to greenbelt again this year, at great cost to both my employer and the environment. i can't wait for this.

    and maybe a drink with you in the organic beer tent at some point? my shout.

  3. Anonymous11:09 am

    This night makes it all worthwile. It reminded me of why I am involved with this instead of doing something else that would be easier. In the terminology to be used in the next gathering, I experienced the suspension of the world, just for a moment, and it was wonderful

    Pete R